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Event Management – Annual Metting Get To Gether

This can be a unique annual event by the company. This event is the review and preview of the year ahead. The entire company team confers for this company. It showcases as a motivational event for the team, for the time ahead, to achieve. We usually get a brief of the event from the company, the specifics of the AGM, objectives and the announcements the company wants to make. Then we work on the event design.

Pinkturtle creative approach

Depending on the form of the fest or social event, we build its promotion before the date to add curiosity. We coin its brand name. Then we promote it extensively in the event tenure. This promotion is outdoor, press, radio, TV, and by way of social media to the target audience. We also design the venue; manage the layout of the stalls, and the decor in the theme of the event. We add music, live bands to the fest, and add kid’s fun events as well. The response is, of course, adding to our enthusiasm.