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Corporate Event Management Company in Pune

A corporate event is the showcase of corporate communication. It is a get-together, yet a designed event that has a specific objective in the given financial year. Kick-off event: This can be a conference of the company team to review and preview the goals in the forthcoming times. CSR activity: Corporate social responsibility related event. A gathering of the team to implement it. Healthcare activity: For the team of the company, its family, the audience connected. It can be a blood donation camp, for instance. Team building/recreation: A conference of all branches. It can be an orientation program. It can also be a recreation, or a celebration of achievements of the company, felicitation of the team.

Pinkturtle creative approach

Depending on the objective of the event, we develop a theme that is in tune with the company, brands. The sequence of the event, the timeline is worked out. According to the theme, the venue is selected and creatively designed. Of course, all the details like projectors, anchors, tea breaks, luncheons, and the stage is designed in line with the theme.