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Fonts Matter

Fonts are one of the most important design choices to make when developing your brand identity. The best fonts leave you feeling like you’ve made an instant friend while the worst fonts are like a stranger who won’t leave you alone.

Luckily these days, There are thousands of good fonts available to download online and a world of talented designers  creating custom fonts as unique as the brands that use them. Not every font is a good one. In fact, there are a ton of bad fonts out there that are boring and just plain ugly. This isn’t just our opinion: there are scientific reasons why some fonts look beautiful and others leave us cringing.


To help you find the perfect font for your project, we are going to walk through the best fonts and worst fonts along with what makes them effective.

Some of the best fonts

What makes a good font?

Even though they can look vastly different from each other, the best font have a lot of the same things in common. These include:

Space between two characters

Word spacing is an important aspect of creating inviting, easy-to-read typography. This seemingly small detail plays a key role in establishing the colour, texture and readability of a typographic communication.


In order to give a sense of consistency, fonts and styles should be the same throughout branding. To establish this, you should choose one main style or layout for your branding.


A good font size (not too big) promotes horizontal eye motion. A good font size with the proper line height will help your readers find what they’re looking for.


Legibility is a function of typeface design. It’s an informal measure of how easy it is to distinguish one letter from another in a particular typeface. Readability, on the other hand, is dependent upon how the typeface is used. Readability is about typography.

What makes a font bad?

There are lots of ways a font can be bad. Many popular fonts have been overused to exhaustion. Fonts that don’t mesh with our internal understanding of balance also read as ugly. Still more fonts don’t work because they have too much going on to be legible, while others have the opposite problem: there’s nothing unique about them, so they fail to stand out.

How to choose right typeface for your website

When someone visits your website, they don’t care much about the graphics, they just go through the textual content. This is because, texts are the major sources of information. So while creating a content for your website you should take care of balancing the graphics and text. This is where typeface comes into play.

Typeface is all about adjusting the text within the design while creating powerful content. It provides attractive appearance and preserves the aesthetic value of your content. It plays a vital role in setting the overall tone of your website, and ensures a great user experience.

The importance of font design must not be overlooked as it can have a direct influence on the user experience and as such, can make or break your website.

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