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How Pink Turtle Works!!!!

Designing a new logo is a lighten-up moment for the business. We accept the task with complete responsibility & a balanced mind. We Pink Turtle one of the best logos designing agency, starts the logo design process with research, is iterative by responsive design, and is informed by years of hands-on work building brands across the ocean in every industry.

Step one:
Making every conversation count:

Point of view of the customer: Our first step is a conversation with the client. clear conversations about the brand are essential to creating a logo that reflects brand identity. The thought process of the client, the approach of the brand, the identity, and the spark of innovation act as our compass as we move toward research, ideation, and logo creation.

Step Two:
Research is creating new designs.

Research is the most important aspect of our logo design process. Before even starting logo design, we add context by spotting the latest trends, observing competitors, and recognizing promising audience segments. This balances the strategic foundation to guide the rest of the project and improves understanding of brand identity, customer sentiment, and more.

Step Three:
Design is not what you see, but what you make others see.

After doing the market research & collecting fruitful information our creative team of designers starts working on the brand logo. From mood boards to competitor research, this is our chance to design something innovative.

Step four:
Building things that make the design beautiful.

In a two-way process, our creative designers and brilliant strategists meet to act on cognizance, enthusiasm, and client feedback. It’s at this stage that we execute our body of research into logo concepts, which is as important for us as it is for brands.

Step Five:
We Believe in Quality Service

Clients are always part of the logo design process. We take an active approach to the approval process from the client, presenting concepts to the client, collecting clients’ input, and polishing until we have checked all the aspects. From responsive to all device compatibility to color mock-ups, to finalization, clients’ feedback directs the process.

Final step

From visiting cards to app icons, brands rely on responsive logos to represent their brand. Once the logo is finalized, our team makes sure, a logo is computable to all devices & screens. It must fit in all devices, whether a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

working together is Success

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, we want to maintain the human connection. We believe in long-term relations & in business growth. Till now we have worked for many businesses and they are doing absolutely well. We always check every growth for our customers. Pink Turtle, Pune.

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