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Social Event Planner in Pune

The kind of Social fests we organize are the shopping fests/flea markets that bring together a variety of lifestyle products, kids, and utility, fashion, and food brands. We select a popular venue and organize the event. These fests are coinciding weekends to share the benefit, both to stall booking brands and visitor families and young crowd. Such events we make a proportionate mix of shopping, food, and fun in the evenings and weekends.

Pinkturtle creative approach

Depending on the form of the fest or social event, we build its promotion before the date to add curiosity. We coin its brand name. Then we promote it extensively in the event tenure. This promotion is outdoor, press, radio, TV, and by way of social media to the target audience. We also design the venue; manage the layout of the stalls, and the decor in the theme of the event. We add music, live bands to the fest, and add kid’s fun events as well. The response is, of course, adding to our enthusiasm.